Their Dog Was Missing For Two Years. Then One Day, They Opened The Door To Find THIS

Two years ago, a little girl named Jocelyn left for school. She returned home to find out news that would make her entire world collapse: her beloved Dachshund, Pokenotz, had gone missing. They searched and searched for the little guy, but to no avail.

Their hearts were breaking, and when weeks turned into months and months turned into years, they started to think that they would never see Pokenotz ever again. But never say never! All this time later, they found Pokenotz! One day, he wound up showing up at their house again. They had no idea where he had been all this time, but all they cared about was that he was back and safe.

Jocelyn’s mother decided to surprise her with the amazing news when she got home from school. When she opened her bedroom door, she couldn’t believe it! There was her furry best friend! She immediately burst into tears and hugged her pup so tight. She couldn’t stop crying, but they were tears of joy! This reunion is absolutely heart-warming!

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