These Musicians Play “Little Drummer Boy”… Now Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Band Members…

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Christmas time means many things: winter, snow, shopping, presents, family, food, decorations (in no particular order), but it also means something else…Christmas music! One of my favorites! There’s not much that can get you into the holiday spirit more than decorating the house while listening to some Christmas tunes. These musicians beautifully sing and play instruments to the well-known Christmas song, “Little Drummer Boy.”

But not all of these band members are your average musicians. Three of them are dogs! One is playing the Congo drums, one is on the piano, while the other is playing the cello. What makes it so funny and realistic is that they are dressed up in Christmas sweaters and have human hands! They sit there very patiently while the band beautifully plays the song. These pups are very cute and talented and should start their own band!

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