This Little Boy Was Surprised With A Puppy And “He Can’t Believe It!”

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Who doesn’t love surprises? They’re awesome! For the most part at least. Especially when it’s something you’ve been waiting forever for. There are plenty of things that I’ve always wanted to be surprised with: a party, a vacation, a puppy, and the list goes on and on. Well, this little boy named Andrew got the surprise of a lifetime!

He’s been wanting and waiting for a puppy for a long time and didn’t think he’d ever get one. But when he is handed a tiny pup and told it’s his, he is so overwhelmed and immediately bursts into tears. To be honest, I would’ve reacted the exact same way! He repeats over and over again that he can’t believe it. Well, believe it, kid! Now you’ve got the most adorable little puppy, who was later named Mookie Wilson!

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