A Little Boy Made A Connection With This Dolphin In An Unusual Manner. Now, He Gets To Live Out His Dream!

A seven-year-old boy, named Braedon, saw the movie “Dolphin Tale” starring a dolphin named Winter, who has a prosthetic tail, and instantly felt a connection. This is because Braedon, too, has prosthetics after having to get his legs amputated when he was first born due to an infection.

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At just three months old, Winter lost her tail after it got stuck in a crab trap. She resides in Florida at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a non-profit organization who rescues, rehabs and releases marinelife. The Aquarium is a permanent home for Winter, since she is a special case and wouldn’t be able to survive in the ocean on her own. Since Braedon felt such a connection with Winter, he really wanted to meet her in person. He raised money with a lemonade stand, and also with a GoFundMe page, and finally had enough money to fly to Florida to meet her!

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