This Little Boy Was Worried That His Pets Wouldn’t Recognize Him After A Haircut. Now Watch The Hen!

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This little boy and his pet hen, named Love Bird, clearly have an incredible, loving relationship. He sits down and puts his arms out, waiting for Love Bird to give him a hug. Love Bird sees him and runs right into his arms, embracing the hug. But then she looks at him and escapes from the hug because she realizes something is off…

The little boy just got a haircut and this is her first time seeing him with it. She does a double take, checks out his new hair, and must have approved because then she goes right back into his arms for a long hug. I guess she just had to make sure that it was really her human! This hen notices new haircuts better than most husbands do! It is also very obvious that the surrounding roosters are jealous of the hen’s long hug with their human because they’re surrounding them, staring at them, probably waiting for their turn! This hen is definitely loveable and her name suits her perfectly!

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