Lisa Vanderpump Says The Coronavirus Will Create A Revolving Door For Shelter Dogs

Bravo reality star Lisa Vanderpump has taken to social media to share her thoughts on the current pandemic and how it may be creating an issue for the dogs stuck in animal shelters.

The reality star, who also runs her own rescue center known as The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, has gone on “TMZ Live” in order to share her thoughts on how, while there are more people are looking to take in a furry friend during the isolation period, there are also a lot more people who seem to be making the decision to give up their pets to shelters.

As Vanderpump explained, these decisions might be more for practicality reasons rather than boredom or cruelty, as there are a lot of people who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic and are no longer in a position to care for their pets. This, of course, spells disaster for the dogs at the pound who don’t get adopted.

Another issue that was raised was the fact that there is always the risk of buyer’s remorse amongst adopters who get a dog without first fostering. Given the current global climate, it’s completely natural to want to get a pet to keep you company – particularly if you’re living alone. But, animals are living, breathing beings who are a life-long responsibility.

If you’ve never taken on such a responsibility before, foster first before committing. Pets are not a quarantine convenience, they’re a life-long commitment, so, do yourself and your potential pet, and foster first.

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