They Were Sleeping In Their Tent While Camping. But They Never Expected To Wake Up To THIS!

Francine Francisca Lubbe was on a recent camping trip in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana. Usually camping is pretty uneventful; you hike, go for walks, huddle around a fire, and then go to sleep in your tent. Well, this camping trip took an unexpected turn after it had rained.

They were relaxing in their tent, when all of a sudden three lionesses stopped by and started licking the drops of water off the tent. Lubbe caught the whole thing on camera and remained very quiet and calm, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do in a situation like that.

Big cat conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert said, “Too often people panic and behave badly when lions approach in the wild. I appreciate what these travelers did and how they responded, with calm and appreciation. Well done. The lions were licking dew or moisture off the tent apparently and not a threat in any way so the reaction is absolutely appropriate and their appreciation of the absolute privilege is fantastic.”

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