Rescued From Being Forced To Breed, They Saw Something In These Two They NEVER Expected

Cameron, a lion, and Zabu, a tigress, may seem happy, but their past was anything but that. They were born at a roadside zoo in New England in 2000, and raised in the hopes of one day being bred together to produce ligers.


They were both rescued together in 2004, and now reside at Florida’s Big Cat Rescue in a large enclosure made just for them. When they first arrived, Cameron was 200 pounds underweight, and Zabu, a Siberian-Bengal hybrid, had a genetic flaw due to breeding – a shortened upper lip, which left her teeth exposed.

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After being rescued, it didn’t take long for staff to see how bonded the pair was. In order to be able to keep the two together, they neutered and spayed them. Due to the neutering, Cameron lost his beautiful mane, but he didn’t seem to mind, as long as he had his tigress.

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The two are very different – Cameron likes to sleep for most of the day, while Zabu is very energetic and always wants to play – but they still make time for licks and cuddles.

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Watch the adorable duo and learn more about them in the video below:

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