500-Pound Disabled Lion Finds Comfort In A Unique Friendship With An 11-Pound Dachshund

Friendship knows no species, and this dynamic duo is out to prove that!

Bonedigger, a 500-pound lion, and Milo, an 11-pound Dachshund, are the best of friends. The two have been inseparable for years at G.W Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

A lion as big as Bonedigger can come across as very intimidating, but it’s amazing to see how gentle he is with Milo. And Milo isn’t intimidated one bit! He even licks Bonedigger’s mouth and gives him lots of kisses, while the massive lion casually licks back. His tongue is the size of Milo’s whole head! They also love cuddling together and are with each other every second.

Bonedigger has been friends with Milo ever since he was a young cub. He was hand-reared at the park since he was born with a metabolic bone disease which has left him mildly crippled. Ever since then, Milo has been a support system for Bonedigger and has always been there to comfort him. Watch their cute relationship in the video below:

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