This Couple Just Received The CUTEST Little Addition To Their Family!

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Meet Link, aka “Stinky Linky,” the French Bulldog puppy whose videos, especially one of him being a morning alarm clock, have been making rounds on Facebook, being shared more than 400,000 times! Link belongs to fitness guru, Sean Sarantos and his fiancé Clark, and was a surprise from Clark’s mother. The cutest surprise EVER!

In this video compilation of Link, you can find him: being cute as a button, eating his dad’s beard, making adorable little sounds, playing around with his older doggy brother, and making easy tasks difficult like tying shoes and eating. He’s may be a little stubborn when giving kisses, unlike his brother, but he still manages to melt our hearts! Stinky Linky even has his own Instagram that you can follow him on! I can’t help but say “awwww” when I look at that precious face!

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