Lilly the Hero Pit Bull

In the wee hours of May 3rd, 2012 in Shirley, Massachusetts  Lilly the Pit Bull became a hero and a life saver. She and her mom Christine were walking home from a friend’s house. They had been on many walks the last three years since Lilly had been adopted from a local animal shelter by Christine’s son David. The pair had been inseparable ever since. This evening, however, Lilly would do more than provide love and companionship. She saved Christine’s life.

lilly with mom

As the pair neared the train tracks Christine fell unconscious onto the tracks – directly in the path of an oncoming freight train. As the train engineer made frantic attempts to stop, Lilly was in her own race against time. She pushed and pulled Christine until she was clear of the train. Lilly herself was not so lucky. The train struck her causing severe injuries to her right foot, pelvis and other internal injuries. Lilly, critically injured, laid down next to her still unconscious companion and waited for help to arrive.

lilly hospital 2

Help arrived in the form of emergency services for Christine and an animal control officer who immediately took Lilly to a nearby emergency animal hospital. David picked her up there and rushed her to Angell Animal Hospital in Boston. The injuries to her right front leg were so severe the decision was made to amputate. Then a second surgery was needed to repair her left leg and pelvis using steel plates. Lilly’s bravery, heart and spirit helped see her through months of rigorous therapy – with David and Christine by her side.


Today she shows no sign of her previous injuries. According to her Facebook page – “Nowadays I can run, jump and give high fives as I continue to live without physical assistance or any emotional scars.” She loves to play soccer, give kisses and go for car rides – followed of course by a good nap!

lilly beach

And she has a new mission – to be an advocate for her breed. She works daily to change the image of her breed. As she says “One kiss at a time.” 

She has also won several awards: 

2012 MSPCA Animal Hall of Fame – Animal Hero of the Year
2012 Dakin Valley Humane Society – Animal of the Year
2013 Last Hope K9 Rescue – All Things Pawsible Award
2013 Canine Good Citizen 

You can check out Lilly’s official page here or her Facebook page here! Or you can read more about her story here!

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