This Kitty Was Born Without Her Front Legs. When How She Gets Around, You’ll MELT!

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This adorable Siamese mix, named Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, was born without her two front legs and only has a little bob tail, but that doesn’t slow her down one bit! She was surrendered to a shelter because the owner said she “couldn’t bury her waste in the littler box due to her deformity.” The shelter contacted Jackie, a woman who worked at a vet clinic, and as soon as she saw the pictures of Roux, she fell in love.

She adopted Roux and the two of them live together in New Orleans. The vets say that Roux is not in any pain, and she still gets around great on her own, despite her deformity. She hops around like a little kangaroo, or bunny, hence her name, and is so adorable! You can follow her journey on her Facebook page!

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