Share The Holiday Cheer As These Pups And Kittens Open Their Gifts With Glee

For millions of shelter animals around the world, Christmastime means nothing more than cold weather and the conclusion of yet another year without a home.

Thanks to the LifeLine Animal Project, in Atlanta, several shelter pets are enjoying the holiday in happiness and comfort. A video posted by the nonprofit shows the dogs opening their “presents” on the day.

From the looks of those goofy grins, it’s safe to say they enjoyed the haul.

Source: Facebook/LifeLine Animal Project
Shelter animals at LifeLine Animal Project enjoyed opening their Christmas gifts.

Source: Facebook/LifeLine Animal Project
Thanks, Santa Paws!

Source: Facebook/LifeLine Animal Project
Picking out the best gift is difficult!

“Our pups got to pick out their very own Christmas present today! Our volunteers donated their favorite toys and they had a blast finding the perfect one,” LifeLine Animal Project posted.

“These happy pups can’t wait to meet you at the LifeLine Community Animal Center!” the post continues. “They are all crossing their paws in hopes that they will find their perfect match in time for the new year. Can’t adopt? Donate to support our lifesaving work!”

The pups at LifeLine Animal Project weren’t the only ones enjoying the holiday cheer, either. The organization treated the shelter cats to some special gifts, as well.

Source: Facebook/LifeLine Animal Project
The kitties got to open their gifts, too.

Source: Facebook/LifeLine Animal Project
What a great holiday treat!

Though the cats were less adept at unwrapping their presents, they enjoyed them all the same!

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