Pitbull Miraculously Survives After Falling Five Stories From The Roof Of A Building…

A 7-month-old Pit Bull is lucky to be alive after jumping off the roof of a five story building in New Jersey. Lexi, who was surrendered to animal control by her owner, is in stable condition and is currently on pain medication. Her leg is splinted for now as she awaits news from an orthopedic surgeon. However, for a dog that fell thirty feet, it could have been worse.

Courtesy: Amy Freeze/Facebook

Courtesy: Amy Freeze/Facebook

According to a post on the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge Facebook page, “Amazingly, she lived through the trauma, but she needed immediate help. Lexi has two badly injured legs and is having trouble breathing — without emergency care, Lexi won’t make it. She is being rushed to Oradell Animal Hospital for life saving care RIGHT NOW!” No one knows what the puppy was doing on the roof in the first place, but police believe she somehow jumped onto the roof. If you would like to help the Ramapo-Bergen shelter care for their injured dogs, you can donate here.

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