This Leopard Was Rescued From Being Kept As A Pet. Years Later, He’s Celebrating A BIG Birthday!

Sabre the leopard was rescued from being kept as a pet when he was three years old and now lives at Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, that is dedicated entirely to abuse and abandoned big cats.

Because Sabre was raised as a pet for the first three years of his life, he was never able to be returned back into the wild. Despite this, Big Cat Rescue has taken such good care of him, and he has loved every second of sanctuary life.

Today, Sabre has just celebrated his 25th birthday! Since Leopards typically live up to 10-15 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity, Sabre’s quarter-of-a-century on this Earth deserves a huge celebration. And that’s exactly what he got!

The staff at Big Cat Rescue decided to throw Sabre a big birthday party. They hung up decorations and gave Sabre his own leopard-friendly birthday cake, which, by the looks of it, he clearly enjoyed!

Sabre may be getting older, but his personality is as bubbly as a cub’s! Happy birthday, Sabre! Watch his birthday celebration in the video below:

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