The Leonberger is a calm and pleasant dog originating in Germany. Used initially as a multipurpose working farm dog, the Leonberger of today is often seen in the family home. This dog loves his family members and possesses a happy nature.
The Leonberger has a lion-like appearance. This breed comes in a variety of colors like red, sandy brown, reddish brown and other similar colors with a black mask around the face. The Leonberger stands approximately 25.5 to 31.5 inches high at the shoulder.
When the Leonberger joins the family home, he exhibits traits such as friendliness, loving attributes and a settled demeanor. If there are children in the home, the Leonberger is the perfect pet to have in the house as this dog is wonderful with kids. As with most dog breeds, training is a good idea and once trained, the Leonberger is pure perfection.
If you are looking for a less tedious breed when it comes to grooming, be advised that the Leonberger has vast amounts of fur that require regular care. On the other hand, if you are willing to take the time to properly and fully groom your pet, then the Leonberger and you will get along fine. A trip to a professional groomer every so often will also help with the grooming process.
As the Leonberger is a working dog by nature, it is important to get your pup outdoors on a daily basis for a good amount of exercise. The Leonberger needs daily walks and time to run to get the required amount of outdoor time.
If you are looking for a gentle and fun breed which is perfect for the family and children, keep your eye out for a Leonberger to add to your family.

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