Lonely Street Cat Sneaks Into A Car, Then Refuses To Leave Until Someone Gives Him A Loving Home

Leo was once a lonely stray cat roaming the streets of Ankara, Turkey. But he could only handle being a stray for so long. He was tired of being by himself, and wanted to feel love more than anything else. That’s when he took matters into his own hands.

Every day, an animal rescuer named Burcu, goes to feed the kitty. But one day, Leo decided that he wanted a lot more than just food. He climbed right into Burcu’s car and made himself comfortable. He sprawled out on the dashboard and took a nap.

He refused to leave the vehicle, so she decided to take him home and adopt him! Now Leo will receive all the love in the world and never have to worry about roaming the streets alone ever again.

Sadly, stray cats in Turkey is not an uncommon sight. Hopefully this story inspires others to adopt, not shop!

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