Dog Moves Away From His Best Friend, But Comes Back To Surprise Him A Year Later

This young boy, named Lennox, has such a deep love for dogs. He has a dog of his own, but had become very close with his neighbor’s dog, A German Shepherd Husky mix named Bogart.

Lennox visited Bogart next door every single day, and enjoyed spending time with his furry friend. Sadly, a year ago, Bogart’s owner had to take him to live in another state while she traveled, and Lennox stood in her yard and sobbed as he watched them drive away.

When Bogart left, he took a piece of Lennox’s heart with him. Lennox didn’t expect Bogart to be gone for as long as he was, and prayed for him every night since he left.

Recently, Lennox’s mother found out that Bogart and his owner were coming back. She arranged a surprise reunion for him and Lennox. When Lennox got home, he saw Bogart and immediately hugged him tight. He broke down in tears and was so happy to have him back home. Bogart was equally surprised to see Lennox, and it’s very obvious how much the two of them love each other.

Watch their adorable reunion in the video below:

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