They’re Scratching This Lemur’s Back. But When They Stop, Keep Your Eyes On The Lemur’s Hand!

These two young boys in Madagascar were approached by a ring-tailed lemur who wanted his back scratched. So they give him what he wants and start to pet his back. When they stop, the lemur pats his own back, seemingly requesting more scratching! This happens again and again for over a minute until the video ends. We can only imagine how long it really went on for!

Although this is adorable, it’s important to remember that exotic animals, such as lemurs, are not meant to be kept as pets. They aren’t cut out to be domestic companions, and are social animals who need to be around other animals like them. Although it’s unknown if this lemur is a pet right now, it’s possible that it was one at one point because of the way he reacts. Charlie Welch, conservation coordinator at Duke Lemur Center, says that there’s no way a truly wild lemur would respond to petting this way.

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