A Lemon Shark Approaches This Diver…When I Saw What She Did, I Couldn’t Believe It!

A group of divers from Florida always go scuba diving in the ocean and film their encounters with different sharks and sea life. The footage that they have on their YouTube channel, Shark Addicts, is absolutely amazing to watch! Their experiences in the water are incredible, and it’s so neat that they get to see so many different sea creatures.

In the video below, you’ll see one of the divers, Randy Jordan, interacting with a lemon shark. As you can see, lemon sharks are not thought to be a large threat to humans. This shark’s name is Blondie and she is well known to the crew of Emerald Charters in Jupiter, Florida. She always comes right up to them when she sees them in the water. She’s 8-feet and 200 pounds, but she is so gentle and super friendly. All she wants is love and attention! She swims right up to him and enjoys some pets and cuddles. This is such an amazing site to witness. I’ve never seen anything like that.

“She recognizes me as soon as I go in the water and runs over to me. It almost looks like she’s smiling. She doesn’t want food, she just wants to be petted,” Jordan told The Dodo. “If you don’t give her the attention, she’ll bump into you. You have to attend to her. That’s just the way she is. It is strange.”

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