This “Invisible” Dog Only Knew One Trick, Until Her Second Trick Led Her To A Permanent Home

Lemming was scared to death when the people from Sidewalk Specials looked at her. She seemed sick, malnourished, and almost invisible. That’s when Rachael Sylvester and her team knew they had to do something about it. Sidewalk Specials is a group that tries to rescue as many as dogs as possible and puts them in a network of foster homes. In this case, Lemming and other pups were in need of a rescue quickly, as their days were numbered. They were put on a euthanasia list, until Sylvester and her heroes agreed to take the desperate dogs off the list and care for them properly.

Most of the pups rescued were huddling together, but Lemming seemed to have given up on herself, ignoring the group’s presence. The video below says that “she was convinced we were there to hurt her,” but once she walked out of the stable, things started to turn around. She was still skiddish, but hopped in a car to the local vet to get looked at. While at the vet, she received a FANTASTIC call! A foster family agreed to take Lemming and get her back to being a normal, healthy dog.

Credit: Sidewalk Specials

Credit: Sidewalk Specials

Her foster mom knew of her background, so she didn’t expect much in terms of the dog doing tricks. However, she was great at giving paw! She couldn’t sit, stay, or roll over, but the greatest trick of all was the ability to make her foster mom smile. In fact, she made her so smile so much, that she decided to adopt her! From seeming invisible in an abandoned stable to lying right into her permanent mother’s arms, this dog definitely did well for herself!

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