This Kitten Was Found Frozen, Thought To Be Dead. Then, a MIRACLE.

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Lazarus the the cat was found by the Bingham family in Utah last Thanksgiving, buried under snow during a snowstorm. When they picked him up, he wasn’t breathing, but they rushed him inside to get him warm near the fireplace and gave him CPR. Thankfully, it worked and Lazarus

” target=”_blank”>made a full recovery! The Bingham family adopted him and have given him all the love in the world.

Now, Lazarus is returning the favor! Recently, his human, Branden Bingham, broke his leg and had to say overnight in the hospital for surgery. When he got home, Lazarus knew he needed company. He sat on his lap and gave him so many snuggles. He never leaves Bingham’s side. You can tell how much he’s missed him and how much love he has for him!

Here is his incredible rescue:

Here he is now, snuggling with his human:

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