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Dog Rescue Stories: Layla Was Forced to Hunt

Three years ago, Lisa lived in a town called Albury/Wodonga, in NSW. She moved into a share home, where Layla had already been living for a few weeks. When Lisa moved in, Layla had just been relocated there from a human that used to abuse her.

Lisa thinks she may have been used as a pig hunting dog. She had fresh wounds on her body and had the most depressed look on her beautiful face! It broke Lisa’s heart. So, she took Layla to the vet to get her cleaned up. Due to previous abuse, poor Layla has a huge scar on the side of her body.

Lisa lived in this share house with the person that relocated Layla from her previous, awful human. He was supposed to look after her and give her a better life.

Unfortunately, he seemed to care about her just as much as her previous human did. She became even more depressed and malnourished. This man had another dog that got Layla pregnant.

At that point, he left Layla at this share house and moved out without her. Lisa was infuriated, and from that day forward, she refused to let Layla be neglected any longer.

Layla gave birth to five beautiful Staffy / Bulldog puppies in January 2015. When Lisa saw the happiness in Layla’s eyes, she knew she had to adopt her. Lisa filed for lifetime adoption of Layla in February 2015 and she has been the happiest, most loving dog ever since! When Layla looks at her forever mom, it’s with gratitude.

Sometimes when they are cuddling on the couch and watching TV, Lisa looks down and Layla is just staring lovingly at her forever mom. She always wants to cuddle, kiss, and sleeps next to her mom each night.

Lisa knows that Layla deserves all the happiness in the world, especially after what she’s been through. Lisa may never know what happened to Layla before, but she knows it must have been emotionally and physically scarring.

Layla still flinches when someone pats her, runs when the hose is turned on, and when she’s caught doing something she shouldn’t, she curls up into a ball and whimpers. Thankfully, Layla is finally living the life she’s always deserved!

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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