Owner Issues Urgent Warning After Her Cat Is Poisoned From Laundry Detergent

We want to do our best to take care of our animals but sometimes, problems occur. A woman by the name of Amanda Jane from Perth had such an issue and now she is warning others.

Amanda went on Facebook recently to tell others about her cat, that was poisoned from an item that most of us have at our home.

Photo: Facebook / DailyMail

‘Just a warning to anyone using laundry liquid around your pets,’ she wrote.

‘The active ingredient in it is benzalkonium chloride. This is harmful to cats, as I learned the hard way today.’

Ms. Jane sprayed her cat’s scratching post before going to bed with liquid laundry detergent.

When she woke up the next morning, her Siamese cat was drooling near the scratching post.

The cat was rushed to the Perth Cat Hospital and she stayed there for the day.

Photo: Facebook / DailyMail

‘An expensive mistake that put my cats in danger, I would hate for anyone else to make the same mistake,’ she said.

The cat is now home and doing fine but has to be on pain medication and antibiotics.

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