Laundry Day Becomes A Little Easier When You Have A Paw-some Helper Like This One!

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I absolutely dread laundry day. It’s not even that it’s difficult, but it’s very time-consuming! If I had a helper like this one, I wouldn’t mind it nearly as much though! Champis, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, was trained to help his human with laundry day. Meanwhile, I can’t even get my dog to roll over!

Watch him as he takes the socks and other pieces of laundry one by one and places them in the washing machine. He closes the door with his paw, and even balances all of those little detergent pods on his face. Then he presses start with his paw. Once the laundry is done, he again takes each piece one by one and brings them to his human so she can hang them to dry. Of course he made sure to close the door again at the end, and got a bunch of treats for all of his hard work! You can keep up with Champis on his Facebook page!

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