Lamb Gets Tossed Off Of Truck, Driver Leaves Him For Dead

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Ahern and the staff at Edgar’s Mission originally tried to treat Lambert themselves, giving him pain relief and subcutaneous fluids. But they quickly realized he needed more intensive veterinary care, so they brought him to The Vet Practice, a nearby animal hospital.

To fix Lambert’s broken leg, the vet would needed to insert metal plates and screws into the bone. Thankfully, Lambert was a model patient.

Credit: Edgar's Mission

Credit: Edgar’s Mission

A couple days after the surgery, Lambert returned to the sanctuary, on his way to overcoming his rough start in life.

“Lambert’s is indeed a story of hope,” Ahern added. “And if the brave actions of one can change the future of one lamb, imagine the collective good we can all do to change the future of hapless animals like Lambert. All it takes is for us to follow our hearts.”

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