He Has An Eye Condition That Makes The Sun Painful To Be In…So His Owner Got Him These!

This adorable baby lamb, named Flash, looks like a little fashionista in his new shades, but he wears them for a very important reason. Born three weeks ago on a farm in England, Flash developed an eye infection in his right eye which led to a condition called uveitis. Uveitis is inflammation of the iris which causes extreme sensitivity to light. Because his eye was so sensitive, being outside in the sun was very painful for him.

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Instead of keeping him inside all day, his owner Tanya Dutt came up with a smart and cute way to help him enjoy the outdoors. She got him a pair of UV sunglasses to help protect his eye! Now, not only can Flash enjoy the sun again, but he looks totally cool while doing so!

Watch the video below to see Flash running around outside in his new shades, enjoying the sun!

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Whizzco for FAP