Runner Risks His Life To Rescue A Baby Lamb After Finding It Trapped On The Side Of A Cliff

One mountain runner was on a routine workout when he made a shocking discovery. Ricky Lightfoot is a champion in the sport of mountain running, but he quickly became a daring animal rescue during his training in U.K.’s Lake District.

Lightfoot says he heard a faint cry coming from the side of a mountain. He peered over the edge and was shocked at what he saw: a baby lamb clinging on a small ledge of the mountain begging for help. Thanks to Lightfoot’s GoPro and The Dodo, we are able to see this amazing footage as Lightfoot carefully climbs down to the baby animal and gets him to safety.

The animal is elated to be rescued. He runs over to Lightfoot and the two begin back up the mountain. With some helpful pushes from the Good Samaritan, the baby lamb makes it safely to the top, where he was reunited with his family.

There is nothing better than seeing someone that is willing to go the extra mile to help those less fortunate or able as them. Lightfoot is a true hero!

Check out the full footage of the daring rescue from Lightfoot’s YouTube page:

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