Lakeland Terrier

The England breed, the Lakeland Terrier, is a vermin hunter by nature as well as a wonderful family pet. This breed has a distinctive appearance with the fluffy fur on hislegs and around his mouth. The Lakeland Terrier is small in size which allows it to hunt vermin with ease and get into those spaces where man simply cannot fit. In addition to being a vermin hunter and family dog, one will also see this breed makes his presence known at dog shows as well.
The Lakeland Terrier can be a variety of colors including red, liver, wheat, blue and black with some having patches of different color, also. This dog stands around 14.5 inches high at the shoulder and will often weigh about 17 pounds.
The Lakeland Terrier is confident by nature and exudes friendliness, although he may be reserved from time to time. Due to his small size, the Lakeland Terrier can live in a large home or smaller apartment and still be quite content. Even though the living arrangements can vary, it is important to get the Lakeland Terrier out and about on a daily basis. As a vermin hunter, the Lakeland Terrier has a lot of energy and making sure your pet has daily walks and plenty of exercise will keep him healthy and happy.
For grooming issues, the Lakeland Terrier does not need too rigorous a grooming routine. The coat of the Lakeland Terrier is coarser than some other breeds, but this dog does not shed too much and looks good after an occasional brushing. A trip to the professional groomer will help to keep your Lakeland Terrier looking nice.
If you want a small breed with plenty of personality to go around, the Lakeland Terrier will suit you just fine.

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