Animation Short Shows How A Dog’s Love Can Get You Through A Difficult Time

If there is one thing that all of us are facing these days, it is difficult times. People are all struggling in one way or another, although it is different for every family. Every once in a while, we just need a reminder that loving friendship still exists and that it is possible to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Steve Cowden, a resident of Lake Oswego, is giving us all a reminder in a short cartoon animation. He created it for his family when they lost their nephew last December. His family was struggling to get through the issue, so he was hoping the video would help.

That was a long time ago, and these days we are struggling with a pandemic, but the video still can help any of us to face difficult times.

Cowden used to work for The Oregonian as a graphic artist and he is now employed with the Port of Portland. He had attended a celebration of life for his nephew, Blake Cowden, when he came up with the idea. It seems to have started when a sentimental tune began spontaneously playing by his son, Trent, on the piano.

It wasn’t long before Scott, his twin brother, began singing along with the words “chocolate cake and ice cream.” He saw the positive effect it had on the family.

According to Oregon Live, he says: “He came alongside and we all sang in harmony together. It was just a jingle at the time, but it stuck with me. After returning to Oregon, while commuting to work, I made the jingle into a song. Trent and I recorded it and then I decided to make the song into a story.”

Cowden is calling the video “Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream” and it’s something all of us need in 2020.

Watch the touching animation below:

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