Hearts Are Happy at a Children’s Hospital After Receiving Valentine’s Day Cards from Sweet Labradors

Valentine’s is a special day to make someone you love feel extra cherished with your efforts. People go out of their way to plan a simple or extravagant celebration with their partners. Some bring along flowers, cakes, gifts, and other precious items their loved ones will surely appreciate. But the classiest and most adorable way of telling them “I love you” is through Valentine’s cards. It’s even more exceptional when the message is handwritten and comes from the heart. And since Valentine’s day is not only for couples, children often create those cards for their parents, siblings, or friends.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

A Valentine’s Day card couldn’t get any cuter, especially when it’s given by endearing labradors. Hospital staff and patients at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, were showered with love by the adorable duo. The two service dogs, Pilot and Dexter, were warmly welcomed in the hospital as they walked through the hallway with a card in their mouths. From infants to hospital staff, the labradors made sure that everyone received their token of love. In return, people hugged them to show appreciation for making them smile and happy that day.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Hospitals are already a sad place to stay. That’s why it was a brilliant idea to bring Dexter and Pilot during Valentine’s day. It’s a success because it’s apparent that all their hearts are happy with the card they received. Kids were delighted because even when they could not go outside to celebrate with others, the dogs gave them a chance to experience extra love that day. People kept on praising the two of them for being good boys. And just like their personality, the Valentine’s day card was as lovely as them. See the card on the video shared by Good Morning America below — you’ll definitely wish they’d deliver one to your home as well.

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