A Labradoodle On The Loose Sets Off Frenzy Of 911 Calls…The Reason Why Will Have You Laughing!

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! Nope, just a doodle!

Charles the Labradoodle doesn’t have a typical dog haircut.  He has a mane, a shaved body, and a shaved tail with a poof of hair left at the end.

At first glance, he could easily be mistaken for a baby lion, and clearly already has been!

Coincidentally, Charles was seen running around the same area where a zoo was located, so it makes sense why some people would think that one of their lions had escaped after seeing him!

Soon after he was seen running around the town, a flood of 9-11 calls came in from panicked citizens.

“I’m driving down Granby Street right before the zoo, and there was a lion that ran across the street…a baby lion!” said one woman, frantically, to the 9-11 operator.

“I just saw an animal that looked like a small lion. It had the mane and everything,” recalled another man.

Better to be safe than sorry!

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