Minimalist Pet Furniture Is So Stylish That Humans Will Want To Lounge On It

Minimalism is all the rage and even some people with big homes are looking for a way to bring some minimal living into their lives. There is now a Polish company, Labbvenn, which is designing minimalistic furniture for dogs and cats so they can get in on it as well.

The Kikko table can be used by cats or small dogs but it can also be used by humans. On top of the table, you can rest your drink or house one of your plants. All the while, the cat is lounging in the hammock underneath the table. The hammock comes in a number of color options, including two shades of gray as well as honey yellow and soft raspberry pink. You can remove it and watch it easily.

You might also want to consider the Lulu bed to allow your smaller furry friend to lounge in comfort and style. It comes in the same colors as the hammock for the Kikko table and it comes apart for easy washing.

If you happen to be a fan of a larger animal, you might want to try the Loue dog bed. It provides enough space for your pet to stretch out but keeps them feeling snuggled with the curved shape.

Photo: Labbvenn

If you plan on choosing one of these pieces of pet furniture from Labbvenn, be sure to bring your wallet. You can expect to pay $444 for the Kikko table, $266 for the Lulu bed and $500 for the Loue bed. Of course, your pet is sure to appreciate all that you do for them and their comfort.

Photo: Labbvenn

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