Kitty Lies Down To Take A Nap, But His Doggy Sister Just Wants To Cuddle!

Bella, an eight-month-old English Chocolate Lab, resides in Seattle with her humans and her two cat siblings. She enjoys taking rides on her human’s boat, as well as swimming and riding in the car. But one thing she enjoys that one might not expect, is cuddling with her kitty sibling!

The cat is taking a nap on the couch when Bella comes up with the adorable idea to use him as her pillow. She lays on the couch behind him and starts nuzzling him. The cat makes a weak attempt to move Bella off of him, but Bella doesn’t budge. Instead, she gives the kitty kisses, which he seems to enjoy. The video ends with Bella resting her head on the cat, and you can see the cat wag his tail in the air. Are these two not the cutest sibling duo you’ve ever seen?! You can follow Bella’s adventures on her Instagram account.

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