This Lab Is Afraid Of The Carpet So What Does He Do? Finds The Silliest Way To Conquer That Fear.

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We all have our fears that we’ll never get over. Some are serious, common fears, while others may be a little ridiculous and funny. For this Lab, he has a huge fear of the initial first step onto the carpet. It may sound silly, but hey, we all have our little quirks! He doesn’t let his fear stop him though. He builds up the courage and comes up with the funniest way to conquer his fear.

He stands before the carpet, reluctant to walk into the room. His owner keeps telling him to come on but he looks down at where the tile turns into carpet and realizes how scary it is. He begins to back away and you start to think that he gave up. But that isn’t true! He’s backing up so he can turn around. Then he walks backwards over the line onto the carpet. Maybe so he doesn’t have to look at how scary it is while he does it! Either way, this pup is so silly yet so brave!

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