With Tibetan and Hungarian roots, the Kuvasz is a large dog with an equally large heart. This dog breed is the ideal picture of courage, strength and loyalty. Used as a livestock dog, the Kuvasz will work tirelessly throughout the day until his owner tells him it is time to go home. Even with its large frame, the Kuvasz is an agile dog breed.
The Kuvasz is always white and the fur can be straight or wavy in consistency. This dog stands 26 to30 inches high at their shoulder and weighs in the general range of 70 to 115 pounds.
Although the Kuvasz is known as a livestock guard dog, this pup is also a popular for the family. The traits the Kuvasz exhibits in the fields are the same he will show in the home. He will protect his family, but be reserved when in the presence of strangers. Training the Kuvasz may take a little more persistence than with some other breeds, but if you start the training sessions when the pups are still young, it will be a much easier task.
Grooming the Kuvasz is a more timely task for pet owners due to his thick, wavy fur. However, if you keep up with the grooming, you will find that once you get the hang of it, it won’t take as long as you thought it might. A professional groomer may be able to help out in this department as well.
Since the Kuvasz is used to being outdoors and is a working breed, it is important to ensure that your dog gets a good amount of daily exercise, which will keep the Kuvasz healthy and happy.

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