This Cheetah And Lab Grew Up Together. But Wait ‘Til You See Them Now!

When Kumbali the cheetah was two weeks old, he was bottle-raised by caretakers at Metro Richmond Zoo because his mother was not producing enough milk for all of her cubs. The staff wanted to make sure that he was ensured great health and growth.

Cheetahs are very social animals and they decided that he needed a friend! Dogs have been used as companion animals to cheetahs for over three decades. So they contacted local rescues and shelters to find the perfect puppy. They then adopted a ten-week-old puppy named Kago. Kumbali and Kago quickly became the best of friends and now have a special and unique bond that can’t ever be broken!!

It’s always amazing to see two different species interacting the way Kimball and Kago do. Love and friendship definitely know no species! And it’s extremely heartwarming to see. Watch their amazing story in the video below:

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