Remember Kago and Kumbali? The Cheetah And Lab Duo. Well, You’re Not Going To Believe Who They Befriend Next…

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Kago the Labrador has an unusual best friend. His name is Kumbali, and he’s a cheetah! You might think that’s a strange friendship, but they get along great, always playing and having fun together! But wait until you see who they meet next!

They are brought to meet African penguins! Kago and Kumbali are standing there waiting, when suddenly the cute penguins come waddling out. The pup seems shy at first while the cheetah seems more curious. Kago backs away from them and tries to hide behind the humans while Kumbali embraces them and goes over to sniff them. The penguins aren’t shy either, getting up close and personal with them! It’s so amazing to see animals of such different species meeting and getting along like this!

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