Terrified Dog Hid Whenever Someone Came Near. But With Time And Love, Things Changed For The Better

Kressa the dog arrived at Best Friends Animal Society as a very frightened dog. She was so terrified and didn’t even know how to trust humans. Whenever someone came near her, she would walk away and hide.

But as the days went on, with a lot of time and love, everything changed for the better. She was eventually adopted into a loving home, and began to warm up quickly. She loves being with her new humans, and has a blast running around and playing with a ball in her new yard.

It’s unknown where Kressa came from, but because of how scared she was, it seems like she was abused. But now Kressa will never have to worry about being mistreated ever again. She will always receive the love and care that she deserves! Watch her amazing transformation from terrified to happy in the video below:

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