Rescue Dog Wins Hearts But Not Ribbons On Hilarious Agility Attempt

Kratu, a handsome and carefree rescue dog, was one of the participants in this year’s Crufts dog show. While he started off great, he quickly diverted from the set pattern and made up his own, which included a few breaks.

The adorable pup, rescued from Romania, decided that he was not going to race the clock or conquer the set agility course. Instead, he leaped over a few hurdles and then rested at the end of one of the tunnels. Then he reversed through the tunnel and ran his own pattern.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

He even ran along the edge of the course to show off his good looks to the ecstatic onlookers. All the while, his handler kept trying to encourage him to continue on the course. At one point, he ran back on the course and around all the objects instead of over and through.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

The announcer was laughing and commenting as if he was the dog, to the delight of everyone listening. “It is nice in here. I think I will just stay in the tunnel.” Finally, Kratu decided that he had enough and was finished with the course. While, he may not have won any ribbons – he won hearts around the world.

A video of his routine went viral and has been viewed over a million times. Who needs to follow instructions when you look this adorable. It is all about the dogs having fun.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

One person wrote after watching, “Definitely an emotional support dog. My mood is much better after watching.” Another said, “Kratu is the embodiment of ‘do what you like, like what you do’ and I love him.”

A woman said it perfectly, “I love it when dogs go to Crufts and just be dogs. I love the mischievous look on their faces, and their body stance is mischievous too. Olly was back this year too.”

Watch the hilarious routine in the video below.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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