The Komondor is a large Hungarian breed with distinctive mop-like fur. This lovable dog was originally used as a livestock guard dog, but today warms the hearts of his family members.
The fur of the Komondor consists of large, thick cords of fur which naturally binds together as the pup ages. In the past, the fur was integral in helping the dog to blend in when tending to livestock. It also helped to keep the Komondor warm in colder climates. This dog breed stands approximately 25 inches high at the shoulder and can weigh 80 pounds.
Although you may see the Komondor in the show ring now and again, you more often see this dog in the family home. This breed is loving with family members, but may be a bit more reserved in the presence of strangers. As a working dog, the Komondor needs exercise outdoors each day to keep him strong and muscular as well as content.
As you might imagine by seeing the Komondor’s coat, grooming this breed is a task in and of itself. With that said, once you know how to properly groom this pet’s coat, the grooming time will be sufficiently reduced as you get the hang of it. Professional grooming will be necessary on occasion so that the coat of the Komondor is properly cared for.
The Komondor is a wonderful family pet matched best with someone who will commit to proper weekly grooming and getting the pup outdoors each day for a good amount of exercise. If this sounds like you, then the Komondor will fit perfectly within your home.

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