Dog That Looks Like A Mop Goes Viral For Swimming In A Lake

Given the vast variety of dogs out there, there is a breed for everyone. One of the most unusual-looking dog breeds is the mop dog, also known as a Komondor. For one woman, Gintarė Bertauskienė, she’d had a life-long obsession with the Komondor breed. Ever since she was a kid, she’d wanted to own one. Her interest in the dog breed first peeked when she received a postcard that had a Komondor on the front. Gintarė, who lives in Kaunas, Lithuania, is now the proud over of a Komondor called Hanga. The Komondor is only one of two Komondor dogs within the country!

Gintarė is delighted with her precious pup. Wherever they go, Hanga usually gets a lot of attention because of Hanga’s unique coat. The Komondor breed is one of a small few breeds of dogs who have naturally occurring dreadlocks on their fur. Since their coats are quite thick and long, Komondors need their fur properly cared for in order to avoid knots and mats. But Hanga is lucky because Gintarė is also a pet groomer.

Hanga first gained internet popularity after a video went viral which showed the pooch having fun swimming in a lake. The footage received more than 19 million views! Gintarė even managed to get some money from the video, and that went towards surgery for Hanga.

Gintarė is used to people on the street stop and ask if they can take pictures of her dog. Ad she shared with Kas Vyksta, the two will often wait till the evening time to take their walks around the city in order to avoid the attention. As Gintarė explained, “Hanga is a very protective dog and is wary of strangers. If there are too many of them, she might get tensed.”

Hanga’s protective temperament makes sense given that the Komondor breed was bred for guarding livestock. Komondors are quite calm dogs, but they do have a deep sense of protection and loyalty, and will courageously defend their herd from trouble. That is because the Komondor was bred to be an independent thinker and make decisions on its own.

Like any dog breed, a good understanding of the breed’s purpose and abilities is important. If you’ve thought about getting a Komondor you need to remember that the dog’s size, power, speed, and temperament all mean that you need to be diligent about obedience training in order to avoid any unwanted situations. Komondor dogs are quite intelligent and can pick up all kinds of commands and tricks, particularly if you begin training them early – around 4-8 months.

The Komondor coat is one that comes in later. The Komondor puppies are born without dreads. Instead, they have white coats that are short with wiry fluff. The fluffiness eventually becomes longer dreadlocks when the dogs grow up. When the Komondors are around the age of a year old, their curls turn into individual cords that need to be properly cared for in order to avoid becoming matted patches. And by the time the dogs are 5 years old, their coats have become the fully iconic coat that they’re known for.

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