She Has A Condition That Makes It Difficult To Walk. Meet Her Unlikely Friend That Makes Her Life Worthwhile…

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Kolima isn’t like other dogs. The one-year-old Anatolia Shepherd was born with a spinal condition called wobbler syndrome, which causes her to walk with a shake and makes it painful to stand. She isn’t able to run around or play with other dogs, and spends most of her time crouching or lying down. Kolima was lonely and had no one to keep her company. That is until Paolo, a six-year-old donkey, noticed her need for a friend.

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Their owner, Felice Caputo, says the only time Kolima finds the energy to act like a normal dog is when she takes her to Paolo. “I thought I adopted a puppy,” Caputo wrote on Facebook, “but every day it becomes clearer that she was adopted by my donkey.” Watch the two play together in the video below. They are so loving and gentle with each other; it’s so cute and definitely a heart-warming sight to see!

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