Koko, The Famous Sign Language Speaking Gorilla, Gets The CUTEST Surprise For Her Birthday!!

Koko the Gorilla, widely known for her mastery of American Sign Language, recently celebrated her 44th birthday. She received the most adorable present, something that she’s been waiting a while for: kittens.

Koko has always wanted to be a mother, but despite given the chance to mate, has never become one. She has this nurturing, loving side to her that craves a baby, whether that be a baby doll or gorilla, a real baby gorilla, or even kittens!

In 1984, Koko got her first kitten and formed an amazing emotional connection with it. When the cat passed away, Koko was devastated and has longed for another “baby” ever since. Well, this year her caretakers granted her wish and surprised her with a litter of adorable kittens, which she was allowed to choose two from. She fell in love with one kitten in particular, and one kitten fell in love with her. Enter Ms. Gray and Ms. Black.

This video showing Koko interacting with the kittens is truly heart-warming! You can tell how happy she is to finally have babies of her own, even if they are of a different species. The cutest part is when Koko signs to her caretakers, telling them to put the kitten on her head.

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