Missing Dog Lived As A Stray For 7 Years, Then He Was Finally Reunited With His Best Friend

Koda, a nine-year-old Siberian Husky, went missing from his Knoxville, Tennessee home back in 2010. For the many years, his family had been without their beloved furbaby.

But last week, seven years later, Koda has finally been found.

His owners, Jeremy and Laura Huff, drove 400 miles from Union, Mississippi, to reunite with their long lost best friend.

Jeremy had received an email last week from Young-Williams Animal Center saying they had found Koda. He was just a stray wandering Knoxville when a Good Samaritan brought him in. Thankfully, he had a microchip with his family’s information!

“In 2009, I had never really heard about microchipping. The people I got him from kind of informed me about it and how it worked and I said, ‘yeah, put it in him,'” Huff told WBIR.

Young-Williams encourages all pet owners to microchip their pets. Koda’s story, and many others out there, is proof that it can help reunite people with their missing pets.

“For people missing pets, don’t give up,” Huff told WBIR, “Seven years is a long time, but here we are. We’re getting him back.”

Koda doesn’t have to worry about fending for himself on the streets any longer. He’s now going home to Mississippi with his family, where he will have over 150 acres to run and play on!

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