Watch This Koala Mom Give Her Baby The Most Adorable Ride Down The Sidewalk

It’s not an unusual sight in Australia to see Koalas hanging out in a gum tree snacking on some leaves or taking a nap. But it’s not every day that you get to see them taking a stroll down the sidewalk.

A mother koala bear and her joey decided to take a morning stroll through the town of McLaren Flat on Visit Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The joey was on his mom’s back like a piggy-back ride (I guess in this case it’s a koala-back ride?) At least the mom knew to stay on the sidewalk!

Koalas are known to accept help from humans in times of distress, but this wasn’t the case. This koala was a mom with a plan! She knew exactly where she was going and had a specific destination in mind. After the video ended, the koala went down the driveway of a house and headed to their garden.

Watch them in the video below:

There have been many other times that we’ve seen koalas being such good mothers to their babies. Check out this video of a mother helping her joey get over a fence:

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