This Koala Joey Ventures Out Of His Mom’s Pouch For The First Time. At :31, My Heart Exploded!

This newborn koala is venturing outside of his mom’s pouch for the first time. He was born last month at Australia Zoo in Queensland, and was the first of 13 to pop his head out and explore.

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The unnamed joey is part of a breeding program on Koala Island that was initiated by the zoo. According to DailyMail, there are 80,000 koala in the wild, far less from the millions that once existed.

The baby is clinging to his mother, Ash, while she nibbles on some leaves. The joey will stay with his mom for a year while he learns many different skills such as climbing and grooming, before reaching independence.

Kirsten Latham, head of the Australia Zoo koala department, said that keeping a diverse population within the zoo is important due to their drastically declining rates in the wild. Their population is being affected by disease, habitat loss and the increasing human footprint.

Watch the koala joey venture out of his mom’s pouch for the first time in the adorable video below!

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