This Cute Little Koala Runs Over To The Zookeeper For One Reason and One Reason Only!

Cuddles! Cuddles, belly rubs, and some more cuddles! This Koala joey, named Harry, resides at Symbio Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. He and the zookeeper, Tami Wilson, have a very special relationship and bond. If he sees her while he’s climbing trees, he will get down and run to her just to greet her!

Thankfully Harry is a happy and loved Koala now. His life got off to a rough start. Sadly, his mom passed away from Leukemia when he was only four months old. They used Imogen, another Koala at the sanctuary, to be his surrogate mother, and it worked out great! Now Harry lives at the sanctuary permanently and is enjoying his time there, and of course his cuddles and belly rub!

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