A Koala Fell In A Bush And Got Covered In Burrs. Then He Asked For Help In The Sweetest Way

An adorable koala fell into a bush and got covered in tons of burrs that got caught in his skin. Burrs are spiky seeds that can become painful if caught in hair.

The koala knew he couldn’t leave them in his fur, so he decided to ask for help. He wandered up to a guy for help, and then patiently stood there, waiting in front of him.

The guy, named Brook Atkinson, took one look at that cute face and knew he had to help him. So he went and got a brushed began gently brushing out the spiky burrs.

Atkinson said it took a half hour to get out all of the burrs, but the koala stayed perfectly still the whole time.

Once he got all of them out, Atkinson decided to give the little guy a snack of a yummy plant. You can tell the koala was very thankful. And just look at that face! So adorable!

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