They Knew She Swallowed Something She Shouldn’t Have, Then Vets Saw An 8-Inch Knife In The X-Ray

A 12-week-old puppy named Macie shocked her owner’s and her veterinarian with what they discovered. Her owners heard her wincing and knew that she had swallowed something but they weren’t sure what exactly she swallowed, nor could they ever have imagined what it was.

They rushed her to the vets where they took an x-ray of her stomach. They were completely blown away when they realized the puppy had swallowed an 8-inch knife whole! They rushed the pup into surgery to have it removed right away. Thankfully the surgery was successful and the pup is now recovering great. The vets said it would have been a lot worse if Macie swallowed the blade side first as opposed to the handle side like she did, because the blade could’ve pierced through her organs.

It’s crazy to think how she was able to swallow that knife whole, but thankfully the outcome was not a bad one!

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